Art Ensemble of the
Ministry of Defence
“Stanislav Binicki”

Ceremonial concert on the occasion of the Serbian Armed Forces Day

Within marking the Serbian Armed Forces Day, the gala concert prepared by Stanislav Binicki Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence and the Opera of the National Theatre, was held tonight at the Main Stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade.
At the concert tonight the lovers of classical notes had an opportunity to enjoy performance of popular opera arias and works of classical music with maestro Pavle Medakovic as the conductor and maestro Djordje Stankovic.

The soloists Ivanka Rakovic-Krstonosic, Ljubica Vranes, Nevena Pavlovic, Dragutin Matic, Nevena Matic, Jasmina Trumbetas, Ljubodrag Begovic, Aleksandra Angelov, Nenad Jakovljevic and Dejan Maksimovic performed under the lights of the Main Stage of the National Theatre. The special curiosity of the evening was the performance of the instrumental soloist Major Dusko Stamenkovic on clarinet.

In the spirit of the military holidays, the performers parted from the audience by performing the most famous march “The March on the Drina” composed by Stanislav Binicki in 1915 followed by the thunderous applause of the audience.
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