Art Ensemble of the
Ministry of Defence
“Stanislav Binicki”

Concert “Our Children” Held this Evening in Central Military Club

This evening the Ceremonial Hall of the Central Military Club in Belgrade was the venue for traditional concert “Our Children”, where talented children of members of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces perform accompanied by the Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence “Stanislav Binički”.
The concert, dedicated to the young talents, was attended by Deputy Chief of General Staff Major General Petar Cvetković, Head of Training and Doctrine Department Brigadier General Željko Petrović and Head of Public Relations Department Colonel Mihajlo Zogović, members of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces, parents and friends of the talented young ones and numerous lovers of the art of music.
 It is an event which has for the seventh time gathered and promoted the talented children, children of professional and retired members of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces who sing and play accompanied by older and more experienced colleague musicians from the Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence “Stanislav Binički”.
Guests of this evening’s concert in the Central Military Club were greeted by the Head of the Artistic Ensemble Defence “Stanislav Binički” Commander Svetozar Vasileski, who underlined that the concert “Our Children” was yet another opportunity to introduce the public with the talent and artistic work of the children of members of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces, and reconfirm the important role that the Ensemble Defence “Binički” played in the promotion of young talents.
This evening the audience in Belgrade Central Military Club was introduced to Dunja Lakić with a number “When Peach Blooms” by Radomir Janković, to Vukša Vučetić who performed Burgmuller’s “Farewell” and Gedike’s “Little Peace”, Olga Pavlović who played Vivaldi’s “Concert for Chello”, Iva Tomašević who performed Palmer’s “Fandango”, while the trombone was played by Jovana Vojinović, who performed Fox’s “Andante and March”, Nađa Martinović played on the piano Mendelson’s “Gondolier”, Staša Petraš who performed Violin Concert No. 4 by Henry Vieuxtemps, Teodora Radović with melody “Dimentica” and the youngest participant, six year old David Božić, who played on the piano the music from “The Pirates of the Caribbean”.
 In continuation of the evening, the guests in the Ceremonial Hall of the Central Military Club enjoyed in the sounds of the song “My country is the most beautiful” by Petar Polkapski, and the performance of the melody “The Lion`s birthday party” by Lazar Petković, and then in the famous hit sang by Una and Mia Ganić “More than words” and in the performance of Lazar Đorđević who played “Čukarica Dance“ and “Bojarka” on the pipe.
Fourteen boys and girls, from six to 17 years of age, won numerous applauses of the audience and favour of their older colleagues from the Ensemble and with their performance they showed that love for music and talent are developed from the earliest childhood.
This evening’s concert was opened and closed by guests – a member of Opera Studio of the National Theatre of Belgrade, soprano Isidora Stevanović, who at the beginning of this evening of music sang and aria from the opera “Madam Batterfly”, while with the numbers “I prayed to the angels” and “City” this evening’s concert was concluded by singer-songwriter Ana Stanić. The conductor of the Artistic Ensemble “Binički” was Katarina Božić.
 A particular curiosity of the concert “Our Children” was that the guests of the concerts held in the previous years were renowned musicians who are themselves children of servicemen such as Bajaga, Merima Njegomir, Oliver Njego, Goca Tržan, Željko Samardžić, Ana Stanić, Ana Kokić, Gobović sisters and many other.
 Realisation of this year’s concert “Our Children” was helped by Director of Association “Network for business development” Nikola Korać, who had prepared a surprise for the talented children who participated in the concert, as a symbolic reward for their hitherto work and efforts.
  As it was the case previous six times, the organisers of this year’s concert “Our Children” were Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Defence and Artistic Ensemble “Stanislav Binički”. The concert was preceded by an audition at which the panel of experts selected the most talented little ones who had the honour to perform in front of Belgrade audience, with the Ensemble “Binički”.
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