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25 Jan 2018
This evening, in the Viennese “Schoenbrunn” hotel, in the vicinity of the famous castle, the 21st Saint Sava Ball was held organised by the Serbian Centre and the Association of Serbian Clubs in ...
23 Nov 2017
Stanislav Binički Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence has held tonight, at the Central Military Club, a concert "An Evening of Romanticism" from the cycle "We have chosen it for you". The ...
10 Nov 2017
Memorial plaque for the Russian military Alexandrov Ensemble was unveiled today in the park near the monument dedicated to Tsar Nikolas II Romanov and the Russian Home. That park will from this day ...
27 Sep 2017
“Good night to you, my friends”, “Historia de un amor”, “Besame mucho”, “Let’s start our love from the beginning”, “All that you know about me”, “Tell me why you have left me” were just some of the ...
22 Sep 2017
The Day of the Stanislav Binički Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence was marked today by a ceremony at the Central Military Club in Belgrade. The ceremony was attended by Radmila Jagodić, ...