Art Ensemble of the
Ministry of Defence
“Stanislav Binicki”

“Stanislav Binički“ Ensemble gives concert to celebrate Statehood Day

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, has attended a concert given by the MoD’s “Stanislav Binički” Artistic Ensemble. The concert, which was organized on the occasion of the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia, was held in the Kolarac Endowment’s Great Hall.

The concert of popular and traditional music included the performances of the Symphonic Orchestra and “Stanislav Binički” Ensemble’s Mixed Choir, under the baton of Katarina Božić and Major Igor Mitrović. The soloists were sopranos Biljana Vasiljević Mitrović and Marijana Radosavljević, Nataša Aranđelović, alto, tenors Dragan Milašinović and Zoran Knežević, Svetozar Vujić, baritone, Duško Stamenković, clarinet, and trumpeters Nenad Ninković, Second Lieutenant Petar Popović and Luka Kalezić.

The program, which included a collage of local songs, started with the "Trumpet Festival", which was greeted by loud applause, as well as "Greetings to Belgrade", the famous march "Miloš the Great" and the Guards’ March. This was followed by hits such as "Golden Day", performed by soloist Biljana Vasiljević Mitrović, "Under the Shining Stars", "Little Girl", "There is Time for Love" performed by Nataša Aranđelović, and "Awakening of Early Spring" performed by soloists Marijana Radosavljević and Svetozar Vujić.  The program for all generations included Nataša Aranđelović’s solo performance of "Kolce", "Jeremija" and "Madrugadas", "Migration" performed by Zoran Knežević, who also delighted the audience with his performance of "Good Evening, Friends".

The audience also liked the beautiful Spoken Fugue - Serbia, "Lads Were Dancing", "Shepherd's Ballad", performed by clarinet soloist Duško Stamenković. "Balkan Chest" was performed by Dragan Milašinović, and "Friends Forever" by Biljana Vasiljević Mitrović, Marijana Radosavljević, Dragan Milašinović and Svetozar Vujić. The concert ended with "Tobdžijsko kolo" and the inevitable "March to River Drina".

At the end of the concert, Minister Stefanović gave flowers to conductor Katarina Božić and congratulated her on her virtuoso musical performance. The audience then called for an encore, after which Zoran Knežević, accompanied by the orchestra and the choir, once again masterfully sang "Good Evening, Friends".

Members of the Defence Minister’s Collegium also attended the exceptional musical event at Kolarac, and a large audience was able to enjoy Binički’s music for free this time.

The concert was a gift from the "Stanislav Binički" Ensemble to the citizens of Belgrade and visitors to Belgrade on the occasion of Candlemas - the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia.
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