Art Ensemble of the
Ministry of Defence
“Stanislav Binicki”

Djordjevic signs book of condolences at Russian Embassy

Today, at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Belgrade, Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic has signed the book of condolences over the death of the passengers and crew of the Russian military plane that crashed in the Black Sea, and in which there were more than 60 members of the famous Alexandrov Ensemble, the Russian military choir.
"Friends live in our hearts even when they are not near us. Memory of our soldiers, artists who went ‘there far away’ will remain forever!
Our thoughts are with you.
May you rest in eternal glory!" Minister Djordjevic wrote.
On behalf of the Stanislav Binički Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence, the Head, Navy Commander Svetozar Vasileski, and head of the orchestra, Major Nikola Zivkovic, wrote the following:
"Stanislav Binički Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence sympathizes with the Russian friends in mourning the tragic death of Russian soldiers, journalists and colleagues, artists of the Alexandrov Ensemble.
On the occasion of the tragic death of the Alexandrov artistic ensemble of the Russian Armed Forces, Head of Stanislav Binički Artistic Ensemble of the MoD, Navy Commander Vasileski sent a telegram of condolences to Nadezhda Kushchenkova, Director of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Belgrade.