Art Ensemble of the
Ministry of Defence
“Stanislav Binicki”

Ensemble “Binički“ at the Days of Mokranjac

“Good night to you, my friends”, “Historia de un amor”, “Besame mucho”, “Let’s start our love from the beginning”, “All that you know about me”, “Tell me why you have left me” were just some of the greatest hits of the evergreen music that were performed last night by Ana Sofrenović, Beti Đorđević, Ljubica Vraneš, Dejan Cukić and Želјko Vasić accompanied by Symphony orchestra of the Artistic ensemble of the Ministry of Defence “Stanislav Binički“ in front of the full hall of the House of Culture “Stevan Mokranjac“ in Negotin. The conductor was Vojkan Borisavljević, and the arrangements of the selected numbers that the audience had an opportunity to hear were done by this conductor.
The concert, titled after the number that opened it “Good night to you, my friends”, was held as part of the event 52nd Days of Mokranjac.
This concert was the celebration of the Day of the Ensemble “Stanislav Binički“, and it was a reminder of a 118 years long tradition and the 26th September 1899 when Stanisalv Binički founded the first Serbian military band.
The President of the municipality of Negotin, Vladimir Veličković conferred a plaque of “Days of Mokranjac” to the orchestra, which was received by Major Nikola Živković. Veličković pointed out that the participation of the Ensemble “Binički” in the festival “Days of Mokranjac” is a confirmation of its professional quality and active presence in musical life of Serbia.
The orchestra performs today as well at 11 hours, in the framework of a film programme “Classics 11”. The programme includes the works of artistic music and Pavle Medaković will be the conductor.