Art Ensemble of the
Ministry of Defence
“Stanislav Binicki”

Minister Stefanović presents certificates of appreciation for success at Army of Culture contest

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, spoke to Major Nikola Živković, Commander of the “Stanislav Binički” Artistic Ensemble, conductor Katarina Božić, and opera singers Mina Gligorić and Milan Obradović, Ensemble’s associates who were part of the team representing the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces at this year’s “Army of Culture” contest, a discipline at the International Army Games in the Russian Federation.

Minister Stefanović thanked the members of our team for representing Serbia in the best way and taking the first and third places among fierce competition from 20 countries. He expressed gratitude to "Stanislav Binički" Artistic Ensemble, whose performances affirm the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces at home and abroad.

During the meeting, Minister Stefanović presented certificates of appreciation to members of the MOD and SAF team and representatives of “Binički” for the success achieved at the “Army of Culture” competition in Moscow.

The performance of the Serbian team at this unique review of culture and diversity at this year's Army Games was organized by the Public Relations Department, Ministry of Defence, and our national culture and music were presented by representatives of the MOD “Stanislav Binički” Artistic Ensemble, “Zastava Film” and Media centre "Odbrana", members of "Dimitrije Koturović" Folk Ensemble and prominent vocal soloists.

Young baritone soloist Milan Obradović took first place with his original presentation and performance of compositions in the Russian language, at the "Army of Culture" contest, which is an official discipline at the International Army Games as of this year. Soloist Mina Gligorić, who received the attention of the audience at the very beginning of the competition, took third place in the female vocalists’ competition.

Based on audience votes, the third place in the five-minute music collage competition where each of the 20 participating countries presented themselves, went to the entire Serbian musical team which, in addition to the awarded soloists, included members of the "Stanislav Binički" Artistic Ensemble, Major Duško Stamenković, clarinet, and Sergeant Major Branislav Ivković, accordion, as well as members of the "Dimitrije Koturović" dance troupe.
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