Art Ensemble of the
Ministry of Defence
“Stanislav Binicki”

Stanislav Binicki Artistic Ensemble on “Sports Assembly”

The final day of 4th “Sports Assembly of the Holy Serbia” was organized today at Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade.
The day began by the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy, and after that the orchestra of Stanislav Binicki Artistic Ensemble performed the anthem “God of Justice”.
During the cultural-artistic programme including eminent national artists, Binicki orchestra played compositions "Far Away", "This is Serbia" and “Dawn Breaking” at its mini concert.
During the programme, more than 40 “sports stations” were placed at sports fields, where children had an opportunity to get acquainted with creative skills and sports such as athletics, football, basketball, knight disciplines, golf, climbing on an artificial wall and fitness.

The central sports event was the competition for “Grand Prix” of the Holy Serbia in the high jump and exhibition “The famous jump”. All visitors were served military beans.
“Sports Assembly of the Holy Serbia” is the event, which due to the uniqueness of its concept and quality of its programme received the status of “an event of special importance for the City of Belgrade”. The sports theme of the Assembly this year is athletics, and the promoter was the team member and champion in the long jump Ivana Spanovic.
According to the organizers, in the previous three years Sports Assembly managed to gather more than 70.000 children, who, through various activities and programmes, had chance to actively take part in the event.